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Audrey Feely

Audrey Feely has produced a series of highly successful projects for clients in industries as diverse as health care and architecture. Though each distinct in terms of style and creative response, Audrey’s projects all communicate a fundamental respect for the audience and a bedrock grasp of her client’s ideas, values and aspirations.

Equally at home with print and digital media, she has produced award-winning websites and marketing brochures, as well as extensive corporate identity systems and business development materials. 


Afghan Scholars Initiative - Hermes Creative Award
Crosspoint Realty - Bay Area ADDY Award
Harp Learning Institute - Published in "Book of Layouts"
Scott & Warner Builders - Hermes Creative Award
SFR Realty - Communicator Award, Socketsite feature
UCSF Alumni Weekend - CASE Award
UCSF Case for Student Support - CASE Award